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I’m BACK: A Reintroduction

I’m Dr. Juliana. I stepped away from social media professionally this past year to focus on some healing in my personal life and worked tirelessly …

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Beauty in the Broken Places: Part 2 of Two

When facing my own trauma and brokenness I prided myself on not burdening others with my issues. Hell, after all, I was a trained and …

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Beauty in the Broken Places. Part 1 of Two Part Series

There is a famous quote by Hemingway that goes like this: “The world breaks everyone, and afterward, many are strong in the broken places.” But, …

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30 Ideas to Spice It Up!

I’m back! After a month off of social media work to focus on family things, I am back and so excited to jump back into …

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Love and Connection Through Death.

I just got back from a quick turnaround but long driving trip to attend a funeral of a loved one. In the hours of the …

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50 Questions to Ask Your Lover

I was asked recently how I talk to people in my life about sex and sexuality and my personal history. The supposition from my client …

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