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Relationships, Agency, Identity, Sex + Sexuality, Family, and much more…

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Agency is for Everyone
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Every story deserves to be heard,
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With over 20 years of experience, two professional licenses, and a PhD, I am still that approachable,
friend-like support that’s here to make hard topics like sex, desire, pleasure, and relationship normalized, truthful, and empowering.

Thoughts From the Dr. Juliana Community...

Dr. Juliana’s business, practice, and community...

have zero tolerance for anyone who intentionally silences, ignores, discriminates against or causes harm to Black; Latina X; Asian people; people of color; Indigenous people; those of multiple races; LGBTQIA+; nonbinary people; gender fluid persons; immigrants; neuro-divergent people; varying physical capabilities; and those of religious and spiritual communities.

If you feel left out of this list, please let us know. Dr. Juliana and her team are passionate about having adaptations and accommodations to anyone who has specific physical, sensory, learning or mental needs in her courses and programs.

We recognize we all need to continue to learn, support, and work to reduce our unintentional harm to others and this is a space that encourages mistake-making and learning to better our relations with those around us whose daily experiences differ from our own.

If even reading the above paragraph makes you uncomfortable,
this is not the community nor the space for you.

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