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The Invincible Power of Sexual Agency: The Subtle and Not So Subtle Beauty of “Good Luck to You Leo Grande”

Several people contacted me wondering what I thought of the way agency is depicted throughout the movie Good Luck to You, Leo Grande, so I …

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Finding Bliss through an Unexpected Connection 

About a year ago, I was asked to be an expert at Fancy Camp with one of my favorite organizations – Campowerment. Thrilled to experience …

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Turning 50: The Process

There is a beautiful movement inviting us to embrace the gifts of aging. There are different messages depending. Some are in conflict. Some are unanimous. …

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Turning 50: The Party

This is a story of agency in action… I turned 50 in September.  It was a process. And one that I want to share. As …

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The Moment that Becomes the Timestamp of Before and After

The Moment that Becomes the Timestamp of Before and After Life is never the same after experiencing the call that someone you love has died.  Tragically. …

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The Lost Art of Asking for Help

Growing up I had really ‘on it’ parents. They were dependable and proactive, always there for me and my sister and skilled at many things.  …

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