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Get Yourself an Aging Mentor

Get Yourself an Aging Mentor I speak a lot in the aging and menopause space and have been for awhile.  I’ve known it was such …

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On Retreat and Meditation

I’m not exactly sure when I received the email but when you see an email from Rebecca Powers, you open it.  She began explaining she …

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On My Birthday… 51

On my birthday, here are some things I’ve learned and experienced this year – in no particular order… I sit here feeling grateful that although …

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Is this my life or just a Netflix Series?  

Sex Education  I have been asked so many times about the series, Sex Education. I am a therapist who specializes in sexuality, I am a …

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The Invincible Power of Sexual Agency: The Subtle and Not So Subtle Beauty of “Good Luck to You Leo Grande”

Several people contacted me wondering what I thought of the way agency is depicted throughout the movie Good Luck to You, Leo Grande, so I …

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Finding Bliss through an Unexpected Connection 

About a year ago, I was asked to be an expert at Fancy Camp with one of my favorite organizations – Campowerment. Thrilled to experience …

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