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Professional Consulting with Dr. J

Are you someone who…

– supports others mentally, physically, emotionally, or psychosocially?

– creates curriculum or courses centered around sex, sexuality, or relationships?

– is a therapist, coach, mentor, professional who seeks to incorporate evolved sex ed into their offerings? 

– is looking to infuse holistic sexuality into their work?

Dr. Juliana's professional skills and instincts are both finely-tuned. I am deeply appreciative of how Dr. Juliana brings her heart and her humanity into the work. The changes I feel in myself are subtle but big.
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limited to 3 consulting clients per quarter

What's included?

  • 3, one-hour private sessions, booked according to mutual availability booked over 3 months
  • Theme and content of sessions guided by your needs, interests, and skillset
  • Support from Dr. J team to provide you with any supplemental materials, exercises, accesses, connections, or resources that may arise within your sessions