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Meet the Team

This is the team that helps me to bring my vision, voice, and passion to life! These individuals from different backgrounds, timezones, walks of life, each with a unique story to tell help to make up the community that I rely on day in and day out to share my work with the world. I pride myself on choosing individuals that bring different skillsets, work-styles, perspectives, and character to my world so that I can be a better resource and support to them and therefore all of you.

It is extremely important to me that my team feels supported, challenged, excited, and passionate about working for me as I believe it truly reflects in the end result of what I share. I couldn’t do it without my current team and can’t wait to continue to grow in diversity, specialty, passion, and knowledge to create an ever-evolving and dynamic team.

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Administrative Assistant
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Jennifer manages the important job of caring for our clients and calendars. Making appointments, overseeing the flow of care and scheduling, and so much more, Jennifer is our go-to support role! 


COO & Community Care
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Forever reimagining, laughing with, witnessing, learning from, moving through, and appreciating the world around her – always with great tunes on! Kaitlin helps to manage business development, the amazing team, communications, external relations, coordination, and many other odds and ends. 


Social Impact Project Manager
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Dana facilitates group projects so they are pleasurable (and don’t feel like a pain in the ass) — bringing people together for projects that matter. She celebrates every project with a pint of craft beer and walking in the woods.

Public Relations
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Committed to bold business, bold people, and bold strategy. Kristin represents me and my business with pride! 

Finance Management
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Nicole has a passion for organizing and automating women entrepreneur’s finances and businesses and empowering women to reclaim their financial freedom and success. 

Launch Consultant
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Latasha supports her clients through successful launches, takes daily karaoke breaks, and has a knack for perfect team for the job!

I am committed to building an equitable, anti-racist organization, company, and community. I believe in, implement, and honor the Anti-Racist Small Business Pledge.