“Dr. Juliana is one of my all-time favorite speakers to book! She is easy to work with, delivers in spades, and is always a crowd-pleaser. People walk out of her talks laughing and talking. I know my audience is in good hands with her!”

Spice Up Your Next Event with Dr. Juliana.

Dr. Juliana is a power-house speaker who knows how to connect and empower an audience. Your guests will leave feeling inspired, educated, and truly seen. She’s spent over a decade helping women and men all over the world feel empowered, connected, and in control of their relationships and sexual lives. She holds a Ph.D. in Counseling Education and is a licensed marriage and family therapist & a licensed professional counselor.



 Dr. Juliana can discuss various topics related to sex, relationships, and love. Some previous discussions have included:

  • Understanding Your Sexual Journey
  • Sex ed for adults
  • Tantra 101
  • How Sexuality relates to your professional life
  • Be Your Own (S)expert: A Holistic Way of Understanding Sex
  • Finding Sexy: Reclaiming What Sexy Means to You
  • The Wanting: All You Need to Know about Libido and Desire
  • Forming a new relationship with your body
  • Embracing fantasies and desires
  • Communication and Sex
  • Kink 101
  • Porn: Responsibility & Addiction
  • #Metoo in the workplace
  • Talking to your kids about sex & porn
  • Life after a loss of a loved one
  • Life and sex after divorce
  • College topics (Consent, The first 6 weeks of Freshman year, The Sex Ed you never received)
  • Counseling/Medical topics (how to be a sexually-informed practitioner, how to be a safe & sex-positive person for your patients)
  • Domestic violence
  • How to understand and tell your sexual stories
  • & more

    What Audiences and Coordinators Are Saying

    “Dr. Juliana is an engaging speaker. She made me laugh, she made me learn, and she made me think about things differently. I went into her talk thinking I’d be hearing about sex and walked out with so many life lessons. I can’t wait to see her again.”

    “OMG!  Dr. Juliana is the bomb! #biggestfan”

    “Every year I come to this event, I make sure I don’t schedule anything during the time she will be talking. I do not want to miss her! I don’t even care what the topic is because I know she is going to be interesting and funny. She is just so relatable.”

    “As soon as she starts talking, I feel like she is speaking my language and knows my story.”

    “I’ve seen Dr. Juliana talk in an intimate environment and in a huge crowd. She is amazing in both.”

    “I always leave her talks wishing she was my best friend and kind of feeling like she became one.”

    “Dr. Juliana is my go-to speaker. One of my all-time favorites to book.  She is easy to work with, delivers in spades, and is always a crowd-pleaser!”

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