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The Sex Plan is not a magic pill... but it WILL empower you to write your own prescription.

We plan for our finances, our fitness, and our food... why not our sexual goals too?

What Can I Expect from The Sex Plan?

  • 3 phases of learning based on decades of experiential research and study
  • Support from Dr. Juliana as much or as little as you’d like through your process
  • Conscious questioning of your current state of alignment with your beliefs, thoughts, and feelings
  • A safe space where you, your connections, partners, and/or spouse can build from
  • More pleasure, joy, satisfaction, confidence, and understanding
  • The ability to adapt to, and work on your changing needs, wants, and desires 
  • Self-development towards understanding your sexuality and in finding your essence 
  • Meaningful connections with yourself and partner(s)
  • Positive changes in your life outside of your sexuality
  • End of the blame and shame game when it comes to your sex and sexuality preferences and styles 

Why Do I Need The Sex Plan?

  • Identify what’s important to you
  • Take responsibility in creating an enriched sexual life for yourself
  • Empower yourself to act in agency
  • Increase connection in your relationships
  • Learn communication skills
  • Brave your depths with courage
  • Demystify the concept of sexuality
  • Normalize conversations about sex, sexuality, and relationships
  • Build confidence in yourself and your sex life
  • Deepen the knowledge of yourself 
  • Understand your desires 
  • Define what pleasure means to you

To believe that our sexuality is static, and that our partner's is too, is one of the greatest detriments to our sexual relationships. This is turn is a great missed educational opportunity and one I am working on changing.

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The Sex Plan
with Dr. J

$ 1750
  • Eight 1-hour sessions individually or partnered with Dr. Juliana as you deep dive through the workbook.
  • Get started as soon as you can! Schedule your own appointments when suitable for your life.
  • Client care and support as a private client from Dr. Juliana's team.
  • Priority in scheduling and access to Dr. Juliana as a private client.
  • Support beyond The Sex Plan work as needed and desired.

The Sex Plan

$ 500 or 750
  • Coming soon!
  • $500 for singles, $750 for partnered
  • Pay your $250 deposit for free 30 min session with Dr. Juliana during your course.
  • Join a virtual group for two 2-hour teaching sessions, a recorded 1-hour session.
  • Comfort of learning at your own pace or live with the group.

The Sex Plan Workbook

$ 175
  • Coming June 2022!
  • Pre-order to receive $25 off!
  • Virtual copy of The Sex Plan Workbook
  • 1 hour of recorded supplemental video
  • Access to anonymous Q&A resource
  • $30 off a private session with Dr. Juliana with proof of purchase
A Personal Note
from Dr. Juliana

I wrote The Sex Plan because I know that we all deserve better – none of us have been properly sex educated!

Sexuality is a positive, normal part of our life that is necessary to our overall wellbeing – not a luxury. Evolved sex education is crucial to the quality of the connections you have inside of your life – inside of and outside of the bedroom.

Knowing who you are as a sexual being is truly the final frontier of self-development. Because when you know yourself in an intimate way – you know who you are in multiple areas of your life.

We have been told by every relationship book, magazine, and ‘expert’ that we are supposed to have a great sex life but we haven’t been given the tangible steps to create that reality.

The Sex Plan is different. Through the 3 modules of discovery – we will build *your* individual plan, on *your* terms, because you took the time to decide what *you* truly want! This isn’t another feel good book – it is a deep dive into your inner world through the lens of evolved sex education.

You will be lead through self-investigative activities that will let you see what your skills, strengths, and areas for growth are. The Sex Plan will help you build a durable foundation that you can revisit, year after year, to build a robust and in-depth guide for living empowered and in your agency.

It is designed to meet you where you are at – over and over again – and take you where you truly want to be.

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