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BodySex, Authenticity and the Dodson Transformation

I’ve been lucky to work closely with my professional mentor for several years in a personal and meaningful way.  Technically, I completed the certification process …

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“Taking a Bath”—My Soapbox about Self Pleasure

It is May Masturbation Month.  Happy Self Pleasure Month!  I have so much to say on this topic—I teach about it in my retreats and …

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“Monogamy used to mean one person for life. Now it means one person at a time.”Part 4 of 4 Part Cheating Series

This is the last article in the four part series on cheating. I could write another 10 because it is such a big and complicated …

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The Complexity of Cheating: Part 3 of 4

I have spoken to hundreds of people who have cheated, been cheated on or have been the person who a person cheated with. Some have …

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The Jolt, Plan B, Emotional Murky Waters, We Done Did it Now. Cheating Series: Part 2 of 4

Imagine this…..You are in a committed relationship. Drinking your favorite drink at the local coffeehouse, look up and see someone really attractive. You stare a …

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Cheating: Part 1 of 4

Cheating Series I remember the first time I was exposed to cheating. I was in middle school and went with my parents to visit my …

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