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REVEALED for Facilitators is a certification program now in 8 countries.

Learn to facilitate your own REVEALED groups and share the importance and power of holistic sexuality with others!

Who should join the certification program?

  • This is for those of us ready to bravely usher in a new level of self-love and understanding.
  • For ALL races, gender expressions, ages, sexual orientations, locations, cultures, facilitation skills, and business experience… everyone!
  • Those seeking the kind of self-love and understanding that comes from finally, intimately, knowing and telling our own stories of sexuality.
  • You don’t need anything beyond a calling to facilitate this transformation in the lives of others in order to successfully facilitate REVEALED.
I want to lead the (REVEAL)ution

The REVEALED Facilitation Certification Program
is two courses in one.

It’s taught in three phases outlined below through weekly live classes.
You will receive a complete manual, weekly assignments, 
and all the materials and support you need to get you started!

Section 1

Experience REVEALED:
Uncovering your Sexual Story

Transform your relationship with yourself through a complete, deep, and intimate dive into your own sexual stories so you can rediscover your whole self, bringing all the pieces of who you are finally back together.

Spend 8 weeks diving into Dr. Juliana’s 10 tenets of Holistic Sexuality, learning more deeply about yourself, your sexuality, and your identity week by week.

At the end of the 8 weeks, share one of your sexual stories with the group in a cathartic and beautiful experience

Section 2

Learn to Facilitate

Learn what it takes to comprehensively run REVEALED courses for others, including…

Understand the REVEALED framework.

The basics of facilitation, group dynamics, and holding safe space. The step-by-step process of guiding someone through the curriculum.

PLUS jumpstart your income-generating business by facilitating REVEALED, understanding the marketing, advertising, business model, and money mindset.

Section 3

Facilitation Support

Navigate your first REVEALED group in real time with real support so you can successfully lead others into their sexual (REVEAL)ations.

Facilitate your own REVEALED group with simultaneous weekly support to help you navigate the process.

With a PhD in training therapists, Dr. Juliana holds your hand to give you the most comprehensive, complete education and support on being a facilitator – even if you have no training or experience at all!

If you have a heartbeat, you have sexuality. If you ‘have’ sexuality, you need REVEALED. Once you’ve REVEALED your sexual stories, you can facilitate REVEALED for others.

That’s how we lead a Sexual(REVEAL)ution

Your Investment for the certification program:

You will be charged for the plan after the admin approves your vendor account

  • $1000 USD non-refundable deposit.
  • Payment plans Available Upon Request
  • Remaining $5000 due before first session
  • See Safe-Space Guarantee Below
$ 6000
  • Take REVEALED with Dr. Juliana
  • Learn invaluable facilitation skills
  • Coaching and support from Dr. Juliana, her team, your group, and the community of Facilitators
  • Lead the change by joining Facilitators from 10 countries, and growing!
  • Earn your investment back during your first group which happens within the program.

REVEALED’s Safe Space Guarantee

REVEALED is a course for everyone. If you actively participate, give your all, come with an open mind and heart, and join the live video chat sessions / weekly lessons for 3 weeks and feel as if you haven’t learned anything about yourself, feel like the experience is not for you, or you find it to be an unsafe space for you we will refund your full investment.

We will be in touch with an exit interview that must be completed before the refund to make sure we better our program for future participants.


We’re all sexual beings and we all deserve a safe space to shed shame, express vulnerability, and be seen.

Frequently asked questions

If after 21 days, you feel that the experience isn’t for you/isn’t a safe space for you, simply email us and let us know, and we’ll refund your full investment.

October 2021

Yes! To be announced.


Each group is capped at 10 individuals.

The course material is given weekly and you have it for as long as you are a certified facilitator in good standing.

I do not record sessions due to confidentiality matters. There are precorded teaching videos that cover the material that you will have access to! You will not become certified if I deem your participation unsatisfactory.


Facilitator Course

REVEALED is a course designed for you to discover and share your sexual story.
REVEALED for Facilitators is a course for you to discover, share, and inspire others to do the same.

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