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Opportunities with Dr. Juliana

We will collect applications through June 6th only, and begin the interview process June 8th. 
With all questions and inquiries, please write kaitlin@dr-juliana.com. 

Social Media Coordinator for Dr. Juliana, LLC 
Doer | Creative | Self-Starter

Part-time approximately 15-20 hours per month, remote (business on ET and must be able to work ET hours)
No travel requirements, social media and / or graphic design experience necessary 

Who You Are

You are a loyal person who cares deeply about the Dr. J team and mission and enjoys building authentic relationships. You seek support when needed, are outgoing and social, you like to work hard and celebrate your victories, and you like to be ahead of the curve and not only follow trends, but set them! You have a keen eye for design and enjoy playing with colors, fonts, textures, and visual identity to create an aesthetic that’s fun and timeless. You are driven to achieve your goals in an organized fashion, whilst also remaining grounded, humble, and light-hearted. You take accountability for your mistakes (we all make them!) and you ask for more when your needs aren’t being met – you practice agency in your life. When a challenge arises, you work collaboratively to solve it, and you remain optimistic, with a beginner’s mind. You are a leader who takes initiative and you stand strongly behind the Dr. J Business Pledge to remain as inclusive, anti-racist, and anti-hate as possible, all the time. You love the craft of creation and feel at home and inspired in the social media arena.  

What You Do

With experience in remote work and social media, you are on top of current events and can be creative in weaving them into Dr. J’s brand, mission, values, and voice. You have a flexible schedule and will be available when the need arises for on-call work within reasonable limits, to be set together within the interview process. You will create and manage a posting schedule to allow for social media posts to go out every day (both scheduled and spontaneous). You will  work with the Dr. J management team to implement plans and you will work closely with us all to use our research and data gathered by our Marketing Specialist to drive your content creation. You will be responsible for regular reporting of metrics and weekly / monthly / quarterly meetings with the Dr. J team.  You will be responsible for coordinating your projects with support and you will creatively work to do a lot with a little. 

  • Schedule Posts and  Day-Of Posts for Dr. Juliana’s Social Media Accounts:
    • Instagram
    • Facebook
    • TikTok
  • Compile monthly newsletters
  • On-brand copywriting for social media and newsletters 
  • Monthly metrics / engagement reporting

What You Will Receive

In this role, you can expect to receive authentic communication and support from the management team. Your compensation will be based on your experience, your availability, and your location – will be competitive with other virtual, part-time Social Media Coordinator positions, starting at $20 / hour. Potential for success-based cash incentives for meeting goals and priorities. Company closes between December 24th and January 3rd with pay, and after 8 months of working for Dr. Juliana, LLC in this role, you will receive a paid 1-week personal unplug, approved at least one month in advance. This 1-week personal unplug will renew each year you are with the Dr. J team, to be used whenever you choose. Unpaid vacation time is granted on a case-by-case basis within reason. You will be surrounded by driven, hard-working individuals working their best to create a balanced, successful, and thriving team alongside you.

How to Apply

Please send your resume, cover letter, and contact information for 3 references to kaitlin@dr-juliana.com. Feel free to write with any questions or concerns if you wish. We will notify you if we are reaching out to your references.  

Dr. Juliana is an equal opportunity employer. Dr. Juliana’s business, practice, and community have zero tolerance for anyone who intentionally silences, ignores, discriminates against or causes harm to Black; Latina X; Asian people; people of color; Indigenous people; those of multiple races; LGBTQIA+; nonbinary people; gender fluid persons; immigrants; neuro-divergent people; varying physical capabilities; and those of religious and spiritual communities.

If you feel left out of this list, please let us know. Dr. Juliana and her team are passionate about having adaptations and accommodations to anyone who has specific physical, sensory, learning or cognitive needs in her business, courses, and programs.

We recognize we all need to continue to learn, support, and work to reduce our unintentional harm to others and this is a space that encourages mistake-making and learning to better our relations with those around us whose daily experiences differ from our own.

If even reading the above paragraph makes you uncomfortable, this is not the role, community, nor the space for you.

What to Expect in the Interview Process 

First round: 30-min phone call with Kaitlin Voellinger
Second round: 30-min Zoom with Dr. Juliana and Kaitlin 
Third round: $100 paid Working Interview with Deliverables
Offer made to 1 candidate by June 15th, start as soon as possible 

What to Expect Upon Hire
3-month contract written / signed
3-month trial period with planned review with Dr. Juliana and Kaitlin 
1-year contract written / signed
Quarterly Reviews with Dr. Juliana and Kaitlin