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REVEALED The Course has the power to change your life if you let it.

Join the community and the movement for being fully and authentically who you are.

"REVEALED allowed me to excavate my sexual story and own the important role pleasure plays in my life. The weekly journaling prompts pushed me to turn inward and sit with the unexamined stories I was allowing to define my sense of self-worth. I oscillated between a tremendous amount of joy and shame around how patriarchal, colonial thinking was limiting my self-expression. The group discussions helped me to process the power of storytelling, and in sharing my stories, I was ultimately able to rewrite my past in a way that serves me instead of imprisoning me. REVEALED is for you if you're seeking a community of like-minded people learning to love all parts of themselves. Join if you're ready to confront the uncomfortable background noise preventing you from being free."
From the Spring 2022 REVEALED group
  • Experience deeper intimacy with yourself and those in your life, not just sexually
  • Confidently make decisions and manage the intended and unintended consequences of them
  • Strengthen your resiliency skills and break down personal protective walls
  • Become a better listener through witnessing other’s REVEALing

REVEALED will allow you to:

  • Speak comfortably about sexuality in a healthy, open manner to people of all ages
  • Bravely approach your sexual encounters with intention
  • Discover what you want and don’t want, honestly and authentically without shame
  • … begin your life-long journey of knowing, appreciating, and acknowledging your whole and true self — writing your own story.

What REVEALED has the power to do...

Your Investment

REVEALED's 10-Session Program is $1600 USD.

  • $500 USD non-refundable deposit.
  • Payment plans available upon request
  • 10 Months
  • 2-hour virtual live session each month September / October 2022 – June 2023
  • See Safe-Space Guarantee below

Our sexual stories are intrinsically part of who we are and how we show up in the world – part of our complex tapestry. REVEALED is a course designed for you to discover and share your sexual story.

Memories, profound moments, and experiences that define who we are are often left in the dark, discussed only in whispers and half-truths, hidden behind jokes, buried in taboo.

If you can already feel your cheeks flush thinking about an “embarrassing” moment during intimacy, if there is an experience that feels unspeakable and hard to verbalize, if you’re whisked away to a faraway fantasy remembering one of those nights of toe-curling rapture, if you’re dreaming of a safe place to spill your intimate longings, having flashbacks to that back-seat-of-the-car moment from highschool, etc…YOU are in the right place.

Regardless of the story you are ready to tell, how you identify, how you present yourself to the world, the body that you’re in — REVEALED is ready to support you craft it, share it, and release it into a safe and loving container where it will be held without judgment, bias, or fear of rejection.

Safe Space Guarantee

REVEALED is a course for everyone. If you actively participate, give your all, come with an open mind and heart, and join the live video chat sessions / weekly lessons for 3 weeks and feel as if you haven’t learned anything about yourself, feel like the experience is not for you, or you find it to be an unsafe space for you we will refund your full investment.

We will be in touch with an exit interview that must be completed before the refund to make sure we better our program for future participants.


We’re all sexual beings and we all deserve a safe space to shed shame, express vulnerability, and be seen.