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Is That a Pina Colada on Your Head Guy


This story comes to you from a woman who never got to the release part of the story. She’s been married to her ‘catch’ for 33 years.   Here is how their love story began. She is in her late 60’s and submitted this fabulous story.

“Catherine” is an avid basketball fan and has a thoughtful personality that is punctuated with a fabulous dry sense of humor. She is kind, she is a loyal friend and she is someone you want to sit next to at dinner.

She didn’t date a lot and while her friends were getting married and starting to have children, she focused on her career. At first blush, Catherine is shy and quiet but as noted, she is anything but.   She noticed a fellow who worked in a different department and started orchestrating ways to run into him and have a chance to talk with him. It didn’t seem to work. The preplanned pen drop was blown off. The change meeting at the elevator was unnoticed.

It was time to take it up a notch.


So she planned a gathering of co-workers to meet up at a fun restaurant bar after work. It was two floors with open seating on the bottom with an upper balcony that lined the outer wall on the second floor. It is a tight rope to walk when you are in a group and trying to subtly arrange to sit next to someone who doesn’t know you planned this whole evening to make sure you sit next to him without him realizing it.

But she pulled it off. With some quick thinking and a few fellow conspirators, Catherine sat next to John. She wanted to engage in conversation but not be too eager. They waited for the server and she started chatting with him.

It is going well.

She likes him more than she realized. He is clearly enjoying their rapport to.

“This is going to be great night” she thought.

And then she felt something.

Something cold.

Something on the top of her head.

And it smelled fruity and strangely like a beach.

Then it started dripping down her face.

It was a frozen drink. Spilled over the balcony and perfectly placed atop her head. As she’s talking to John wanting to impress him. Perfect.

The server on the top balcony had somehow spilled a pina colada on her head.

Catherine was not derailed. Although mortified, she handled it like a champ. And apparently John was most impressed with her composure and humor.

It sealed the deal. 33 years later, it is one of their favorite drinks to share.

No RELEASE to this story. Catherine and John caught each other and never let go.

Imagine what may have happened or NOT happened had that server ‘caught’ that pina colada that night? Sometimes ‘not catching’ sets the wheels of fate spinning in the most perfect direction….Pina Colada style.

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