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Here’s a page just for you, just for us!

It’s so important that we all stay connected and that you are able to continue the work you started during our time together. In an effort to keep all the materials in an accessible place for you, I have created a webpage that you can return back to as much as you’d like.

Below you can expect:
– Your Midlife Sexual Amazing Self Powerpoint
– Information about Sleep in Menopause
– My TEDx Talk on Agency
– Midlife Mastery Q&A
– Related Articles & Further Reading
– Selected Podcasts
– Links to Favorite Products

Your MidLife Sexual Amazing Self Powerpoint

Sleep in Menopause

Learn more about the importance of sleep in menopause! I dive into common sleep complaints, what we should know about how menopause affects sleep, some supportive tools for sleep, and more! 

AGENCY: the noun, verb, concept and skill

Midlife Mastery Q&A

Answering some of the questions we didn’t have time for together!

Have more? Make sure to write us at kaitlin@dr-juliana.com and we’ll be more than happy to follow up! 

Related Articles and Further Reading

Selected Podcasts

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Try My Favorite Products and Resources

Body Care
– Momotaro Apotheca
: Their salve and tonic are game changers and the owner / founder is a wonderful woman on a mission! Use the code: JULIANA for 20% off.
– FemmePharma: Intimate skin moisturizer and personal lubricant are created by women, for women in midlife and beyond. I am deeply connected to this company and believe in their mission to support the health and pleasure of women in all walks of life! Use code: DRJULIANA for 10% off, free shipping, and a free gift 🙂 

Ethical Porn / Learning Resources
– Afterglow: Another amazing founder, I cannot recommend this ethical porn site more! 
– Beducated: I have a few courses featured on this site that will support you in learning more, seeking pleasure, and discovering yourself on your own terms!

Sex Toys & Tools
– Maude: Use code: DRJULIANA for 15% off your order!
Squirtopia: Sex blankets for travel and peace of mind during play. Use code: DRJULIANA for 10% off. 

If you’re looking for something in particular, don’t hesitate to ask – these are only a couple of the resources we know and love, but are happy to support you in your journey to find what works for you, too! 

A big thank you to Vonda for inviting me and connecting me with all of you dear souls!

Take care, and please keep in touch.