Becoming your own (S)expert.  

Making your sexuality resume. 

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 A brief overview of what I do and why

ABOUT Dr.JUliana

For the past 20 years, I’ve helped women and men all over the world feel empowered, connected, and in control of their relationships and sexual lives. My work has been featured on Oprah, Forbes, Women’s Health, The Sun, and many other publications. 

I’m a licensed marriage and family therapist, a licensed professional counselor, and I have a Ph.D. in Counseling Education. This is the work I love to do. 

After receiving her Ph.D in Counseling Education from William & Mary College/university, Dr. Juliana carved out a professional niche in the world of areas of sex and sexuality.  

Dr. Juliana worked as a Gender Studies professor, a clinical director of a university’s counseling center and ran a halfway house for women in addiction recovery.  Dr. Juliana worked with male college athletes in athletic teams about consent and sexual agency and sexual violence prevention.

Today, Dr. Juliana runs a thriving private practice where she counsels and coaches couples and individuals in topics such as: infertility, divorce, life after losing a spouse, body image, and Sex Ed for adults. Her practice is on-line using video software which allows her to treat clients around the world.

A nationally-known expert, thinker, speaker and writer on sex and sexuality), Dr. Juliana is a regular contributor to “O Magazine”, Women’s Health and SheKnows, has been featured on the Discovery Channel and is a highly sought after leader at self-help, self-development and spiritual retreats where she runs workshops on body image, sex education for adults,  redefining sexy and tantra 101.  

Dr. Juliana is also the creator of Be Your Own (S)expert, a series that provides an action-driven method to help individuals of all backgrounds discover their own power through sexual agency and the sex education we all should have received growing up and leads an international interview series called Man Made: Conversations with Good Men highlighting men who are making a positive difference in their family, community and world at large. 

Most recently, Dr. Juliana was named the Lifestyle Expert for Tempur Pedic beds, where she also serves on their Sleep Council.

She lives in Lexington, Kentucky with her two children.  Dr. Juliana is always in search of the best pizza whereever she travels, rock climbs all boulders and pitches in front of her and remains in pursuit of catching the eye of US Olympic Curling Team.


Dr. Juliana developed and delivered an engaging and invaluable workshop on women’s sexuality. Her expert delivery of the material demonstrated someone who is very experienced, dynamic, and competent. She very successfully and comfortably involved the participants in a topic that can be very complex to discuss. The workshop was educational, reflective, and fun. What stood out to me is that she constantly invited us to engage at our individual comfort levels in an environment that was emotionally safe and nonjudgmental. Not only did the workshop help me grow personally, it provided me with great reference material to use in my professional practice. I recommend her highly!

- Cindy, Virginia, U.S.A

After attending Dr. Juliana’s retreat I felt both encouraged, supported and empowered. The workshop not only provided educational opportunities, but inspired me to grow and understand spiritual, cultural and emotional connections and responses of my body and mind towards sex and relationships. Although I was meeting Dr. Juliana for the first time, her kindness, knowledge and approach created not just a safe, but enlightening environment that opened doors for our small group to discuss cultural, social, health and emotional influences on each person individual journey of pleasure. If you have a chance to go to Dr. Juliana’s workshops or classes, you will feel renewed and inspired!

Abby, Virginia, U.S.A


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