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A 4-module, 4-week, self-lead course to help you reclaim your sexual desire, connect more deeply to yourself & define
what it means to be an (s)expert for YOU...

dr. Juliana revealed facilitator course

… on your own terms. 

How it works once you purchase


  • You will receive login instructions for my platform site, The Revealed Life. There your materials will be waiting for you to get started and to return to again and again!

  • The course is designed for you to work through the videos, journal prompts, and activities at your own pace.

  • The material doesn’t expire, there are no quizzes nor tests.

  • You get out of it as much as you put into it!
  • You are welcome to book a consult with me throughout your coursework or after to help to integrate what you’ve learned, any questions you may have, or anything you’d like to share!

  • You will also be able to keep in touch with The Revealed Life community and see what courses may be a great follow-up on your journey towards evolved sexual education for YOU!
  • What is desire?
  • Defining desire on your own terms
  • What’s getting in the way of your desire and tools to overcome
  • Practical tips on how to enhance your desire now and in the future, in the way that you… desire!

A sneak peek into what we’ll be covering in the modules

You’ll Learn:

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  • What desire looks and feels like for YOU (and not for The Everywoman, whoever she is)
  • The mind-blowing concepts behind mind, body, and soul desire
  • A healthier view of libido; as well as the benefits it can have in your life outside of the bedroom
  • The myriad ways that desire has been distorted for you—plus how to keep those lies from creeping back into bed with you once the 5 weeks are over
  • How to embrace (and understand) the ebbs and flows of desire.

There are some nasty culprits out there getting in between you and the sex life you want:

  • Incorrect information
  • One-size-fits all ‘tips and tricks’
  • Societal pressures
  • Stressful expectations
  • Past wounds

Feel authentic desire for your life sexually and everywhere else in your life with THE WANTING

And it’s likely showing up in your life like this:

  • You rarely ever want to have sex
  • It’s been a long ass time since you felt vibrant inside
  • Your relationship is suffering because of your lack of, or mismatched desire (you or your partner want more sexual connection)
  • You’re left looking at people in touch with their sexual selves and wondering how in the world they have it and what your life would look like if you did too

Why did I create this course?

One of the most common questions I get asked in my sessions and workshops is about what a ‘normal’ level of desire is. Women want to know how they line up, how to make it better after a significant life change (after kids, a trauma, an illness, menopause). Partners want to know how to ‘help’ their loved one ‘get their desire back’. The worst part is that it’s almost always asked in hushed, embarrassed tones. And if there’s one thing I feel strongly about it’s liberating women in this realm. There is nothing to be ashamed of about this topic.

Women are ready—nay, hungry—to have their desire be validated. And I want to help make that happen; I want to give women the permission to unabashedly explore their desire, however they define it.