Celebrate And Heal Your Sexual Stories By Owning Your Experiences Out Loud

We all have sexual stories that are deeply woven into our identities

As a transgender person, there are people in the world who may feel your gender expression, experiences, and sexual orientation are open for public discussion.

They’re not unless YOU want them to be.

And yet, you may have memories and deeply profound moments of your sexual lives that you feel unable to process or share with the world. Leaving your stories in the dark – discussed only in whispers and half-truths amongst a few trusted companions.

Or even left behind when transitioning to your authentic self.                                                                                                                                                                                                     

That’s why if you’ve been…

…thinking of those nights of toe-curling rapture you’ve had since living life according to your gender identity (wishing you could celebrate these moments with people who actually get it)

…holding onto an experience that feels unspeakable (because you’re haven’t had a safe community to share it with)

…wanting to create a sex plan (without needing to explain your preferences and choices)

…feeling your cheeks flush with shame over an embarrassing moment (whether it happened years ago or last Saturday night)

…having flashbacks to that one back-seat-of-the-car moment from before (and wishing you could hit rewind on the whole situation)

…wondering how to tell your partner(s) the things that make you go ‘yum’ (rather than staying silent through the things that make you go ‘yuck’)

Then you’ve come to the right place to be heard.

 Some of these sexual stories are blissful. Some embarrassing. Some have points of healing. All deeply vital.

Each of them deserve equal consideration and understanding.

Keep reading and we’ll explain.

Our sexual stories are an intrinsic part of who we are

But rather than a fully woven tapestry, most sexual stories look more like a series of loose threads with nothing to hold them together.

No narrative. No lesson. No empowering takeaway.

Yet, these stories impact everything from the daily choices you make, to the relationships you have, to how you show up in the world, and how safe you feel to seek the sex of your dreams.

That’s why finding time to harness your sexual stories into a narrative you can understand, celebrate, and heal from, is worthy of your attention today.

So, how do you start the process of owning your sexual story?

First, you need to timeline those experiences or milestones that stand out to you.

Next, you need to learn how to own your stories–so you can heal and celebrate

Then, you need a safe, judgment-free space to express your truth.

Because when you can shed shame, heal from trauma, and celebrate your preferences, you are better prepared to enjoy life as your authentic self.

You deserve to know what it feels like to fully embrace ALL the sexual parts of you

Picture a future where you own all of your sexual stories. From the beautiful to the messy and the traumatic.

No more feeling uncomfortable with your experiences, or unsure of how to express what you need.

Instead, you’d…

  • Feel more comfortable approaching your sexual encounters with intentionally because you know what you want and don’t want
  • Experience deeper intimacy with both partners and friends
  • Confidently make decisions because you know how to live with the consequences (both intended and unintended of your decisions)
  • Know you’re not alone as you witness other transgender people’s stories

….and even better, you’d do all this free from shame.

And that’s where Revealed: Writing Your Sexual Stories comes in.

You’re Invited to….

Revealed: Uncovering Your Sexual Stories

A 6 month program to help you learn to understand your sexual story and really own it in your everyday life.

Through the power of stories, and witnessed by a safe community of transgender people, by the end of the program, you’ll have two completed stories to read aloud to the group – one of celebration and one to help facilitate healing.

By the time you get to the end of this transformative experience, you’ll be able to…

✔️Weave the thread of your sexual stories into your everyday life

✔️Heal shame you’ve carried and kept buried for years

✔️Claim the essence of your sexuality and share it with others

✔️Acknowledge the experiences that have shaped who you are

✔️Celebrate the personal growth your insights will reveal

✔️Walk away owning your sexual history

✔️Embrace the vital role sexuality plays in your future

…and much more.

What Makes Revealed: Writing Your Sexual Stories Deeply Transformative?

Revealed is grounded in academic research (Dr. Juliana has a PhD and 2 licenses!) and proven through her work with thousands of people worldwide.

The program follows a moving three-step process:

Think It: You’ll move from past to present, as you remember and place key events in your sexual history on a timeline. Over the weeks, we’ll discuss how the world sees some of these experiences and what they mean to you as we uncover patterns in your stories.

Write/Express It: You’ll choose two stories from your timeline that you want to take deeper. One that needs healing, and one to celebrate. Next, you’ll express your sexual story in greater detail through writing (or drawing, voice recording, video, dance etc).

Say It: You deserve to be seen and heard. That’s why at the end of the course, you’ll speak aloud your stories of healing and celebration to the group. We’ll pay witness to your bravery and courage.

Peek At What’s Waiting For You Inside Revealed:

Uncovering Your Sexual Stories

Week One: Timeline and Two Minute Talk

Outline and reviewing your holistic sexual history from birth to present. Writing a quick overview of the sexual story of you. What is holistic
sexuality? Reviewing the REVEALED philosophy.

Week Two: Sensuality and Health and Reproduction

Diving deep into the holistic topics of sensuality and Health and Reproduction. Content instruction and journal prompting. Story of healing and story of celebration.

Week Three: Desire and Pleasure

Review of Sensuality and Health and Reproduction questions. Deep Dive into Desire and Pleasure holistic sexuality topics. Content instruction and journal prompting. Story of healing and story of celebration.

Week Four: Identity and Behaviors and Practices

Review of Desire and Pleasure. Deep dive into Identity and Behaviors and Practices. Content instruction and journal prompting. Story of healing and story of celebration.

Week Five: Sexualization and Relationship and Intimacy

Review of Identity and Behaviors and Practices. Deep dive into Sexualization and Relationship and Intimacy. Content instruction and journal prompting. Story of healing and story of celebration. 

Week Six: Love and Connection; Sexual Agency

Review of Sexualization and Relationship and Intimacy. Content instruction and journal prompting. Story of healing and story of celebration.

Week Seven: The Stories and The Essence Talk

Review and update Timeline. Pick four stories and follow REVEALED writing process. Two stories of healing and two stories of celebration.
Cull down to two stories. Transition 2 Minute talk to The Essence Talk.

Week Eight: Reading Two Stories and The Essence Talk

A very moving experience and REVEALED process of reading the two stories out loud.

Week Nine: Patterns and Goals Ahead

Thorough review of Timeline, The Essence Talk, all Deep Dive questions/answers. Identify patterns. Set goals moving ahead.

Plus, A Super Supportive Bonus: 

Private Email & Text Access To Dr. Juliana

Past Participants Share How Revealed Transformed Their Lives

I love working with Dr. Juliana. She is incredibly perceptive and able to help cut to the essence of what needs to be said and explored and to frame it in a non-threatening way. In short, she is really amazing and very gifted. I would say working with Dr. J and in the course REVEALED was among the most rich and stimulating professional experiences I have had. I grew as a woman and a human and gained insight in ways I had not anticipated. The content is accessible and also profound. I felt like the weeks together did more for my self-development than years of therapy.
L.M, 60, California

The bonding and camaraderie with other women is wonderful. Hearing other women open up and be vulnerable is an honor and a privilege that changes you. I also realized that I kept secrets – from myself and others. Discovering incidents from my past that I had forgotten or thought were not important was a game changer for me. These were experiences that I discovered kept me small and sad. Opening them up grew my life and myself.

Dr. J is a remarkable cheerleader, facilitator and took care of everyone. She is so smart and can take something we said in an abstract way and make analogies that paint pictures to help one along. This changed my life.

L.M., 64, New York

The REVEALED timeline will become a living document as I continue to make additions and use it as a tool for reflection. The Deep Dives were a significant tool for prompting my own writing and provided me with significant insights. After I read my healing story, it was the first time that I recognized the significance of the theme “I am not chosen” as a pattern in my relationships. The healing for me was immediate. I felt a change in me the moment I stopped reading.
L.B. 48 Ohio

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     ✔️8 weeks of online classes, led by Dr. Juliana, where she’ll advise, question, teach, and act as your biggest cheerleader.



     ✔️Reading aloud  

…and because I want you to be fully supported, as a bonus, you’ll have access to me privately through text and email throughout the course.   Enroll in Revealed: Uncovering Your Sexual Stories for $XX

Revealed: Uncovering Your Sexual Stories might just be what you’re seeking if you have a…

Learn through…

✔️8 weeks of online classes, led by Dr. Juliana, where she’ll advise, question, teach, and act as your biggest cheerleader.



✔️Reading aloud

…and because I want you to be fully supported, as a bonus, you’ll have access to me privately during my Friday Voxer office hours throughout the course.

Enroll in Revealed: Writing Your Sexual Stories for $XX

Revealed’s Risk-Free/Safe-Space Guarantee

Pop in your Airpods and take action with Revealed: Writing Your Sexual Stories. Join the live video chat sessions. Do the weekly lessons. Ask questions during Friday office hours.

There are no refunds for Revealed: Writing Your Sexual Stories. It’s based on years of Dr. Juliana’s work as a researcher and a therapist and proven in the lives of 1000s of people worldwide.

Instead, our guarantee is this: You’ll be in a safe space to unlock your sexual stories, and illuminate why they matter to who you are today.

We’re All Sexual Beings, And Deserve A Safe Space To Feel Shed Shame, Be Vulnerable, And Feel Seen

Be fully supported while you own your sexual stories because they’re as much a part of your identity as any other part of you

Meet Dr. Juliana Hauser  Relationship & (S)expert

I believe our sexuality is our essence. That’s why for the past 12 years, I’ve helped individuals all over the world take ownership, feel connected, and in control of their relationships and sexual lives. As a licensed marriage and family therapist, a licensed professional counselor, with a Ph.D. in Counseling Education, I spend my time celebrating and exploring sexuality through my online courses and with my private clients. Every time I’ve hosted Revealed: Uncovering Your Sexual Stories, I’ve been overwhelmed by the impact these stories have on both the reader and the audience.  There’s no way to express the power in speaking your truth to an audience that will listen without judgment, lifting you up and filling you with confidence and love. And it would be my honor to guide you towards revealing your sexual story too.

As Seen In…

1000s of People Have Trusted Dr. Juliana To Help Them Navigate Their Sexual Stories

Here’s What Some Of Them Had To Say…

I loved I could take the time for myself and check out my life. This is something I have never do. I came to Revealed with some unresolved issues that bothered me a lot and I did not know how to beat it. I wanted to identify and understand some patterns and how to change them. And that’s what happened and I’m happy about that.

K.L. 36, North Carolina

I was blown away with my personal development.  It was such a drain that my sex life was on hold with unresolved issues I didn’t understand. I even had trouble connecting with myself solo. Being able to connect the knowledge that I gained since I started another course with this REVEALED was cathartic. The other course was more of a sensual focus and Revealed more of an energetic or thought process. REVEALED changed my life.
B.S. 31, Switzerland

Dr. Juliana is truly committed to the course and every participant. I truly appreciated that she was available to help me personally and I know that she gave the same attention to everyone in the group. Dr. Juliana truly gives her all in this course.  I am so glad I did it.
V.U. 40, Finland

Unearth The Insights In Your Sexual Stories

Whether you need to move beyond something or embrace a particularly magical piece of your story, this is the home to do it.

Questions That Might Be Popping Up For You


Review Everything You’ll Experience Inside Revealed: Uncovering Your Sexual Stories

Join Dr. Juliana and others inside the program, and learn…

✔️  deep desire to get comfortable with your sexual past

✔️  wish to find clarity or understanding about your desires or aversions

✔️  need to embrace or accept some part of your sexuality

✔️  want to heal from sexual trauma and incorporate it into your life in a way you can manage

✔️  readiness to accept ALL of who you are, where you’ve been, and where you want to go Revealed’s Risk-Free/Safe-Space Guarantee

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