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be your own sexpert

This 6-week online e-course explores the many facets of
sex and sexuality that will fire-up your inner sex goddess.

...the best part: you don’t even have to leave your bedroom!

Based on my popular 3-month course “Restructuring Female Sexuality,” I’ve created a self-paced guide to help you through the many complex layers of sex and sexuality. You’ll be empowered to take control of your actions in the bedroom and beyond as you sail through a series of video lessons, worksheets, and course FUN. So, grab a hot cup of tea, pop open your laptop, and explore the many layers that lie between you and your empowered sexual self!

This course is for:


  • Women-identifying people, 18 and older
  • Those who want to learn more about female sexuality and support a sex positive culture
  • Helping professionals (therapists, social workers, life coaches, clergy, sex educators, etc..) who want information and practical tips and activities to enhance your work with your clients.

Here’s the breakdown:

Lesson One: Sex Ed 101— For Women, By A Woman

We’ll learn about the nuances and differences in language as applied to the female body. We’ll explore female anatomy, orgasms, sex organs and why it all matters.


Lesson Two: Our Sex Scripts

What are your internal scripts about sex and where do they come from? We’ll look at the impact of so many external narratives about sex that may be hindering our enjoyment in the bedroom—and removing your power.


Lesson Three: Pleasure Thyself

Masturbation, fantasy, and the “taboo delights” that bring pleasure—alone or with another. We’ll explore why these elements matter and how to ensure that they’re a healthy aspect of your sexual wellness.


Lesson Four: Own Your Decisions—Claim Your Power

We’re diving deep into sexual assertiveness, sexual agency, and how we derive power from owning our decisions in the bedroom.

Lesson Five: You ARE Your Own (Sex)pert

Why being your own (Sex)pert matters.


Lesson Six: Your Sexy Superhero

We’re going to tap into the powerful hero dwelling within us. She’s longing to get out and we’re going to give her the space to appear—and dominate!