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Agency Revealed

AGENCY is a superpower. It's a concept, it's a skill, it's a verb, and it's a noun. It can be everything to you if you know what it is, how to use it, and how to activate it in your life.

This 6-week course will take you through the steps to identify agency in your life and leave you with the confidence to make powerful and impactful decisions in your life. AND be able to handle the consequences, both intended and unintended.


There are different aspects of knowing yourself. There is a tuning into your intuition and there’s a tuning into your essence. There is knowing your patterns. There are so many different aspects to knowing who you are. Agency allows you to tap deep into knowing yourself, who you are, and act from that place, in community, unapologetically…. 

Join us this spring, groups forming now!

  •  Early bird rate $1000 US
  •  $1250 for the 6-week course
  • Invite a friend, family member, partner who you think would benefit and you both receive 10% off.
  • Payment plans are available. 

Our Safe Space Guarantee

Dr. Juliana’s courses and business have zero tolerance for anyone who intentionally silences, ignores, discriminates against or causes harm to Black; Latina X; Asian people; people of color; Indigenous people; those of multiple races; LGBTQIA+; nonbinary people; gender fluid persons; immigrants; neuro-divergent people; varying physical capabilities; and those of religious and spiritual communities.

If you feel left out of this list, please let us know. Dr. Juliana and her team are passionate about having adaptations and accommodations to anyone who has specific physical, sensory, learning or mental needs in her courses and programs.

We recognize we all need to continue to learn, support, and work to reduce our unintentional harm to others and this is a space that encourages mistake-making and learning to better our relations with those around us whose daily experiences differ from our own.

If even reading the above paragraph makes you uncomfortable,
this is not  the community nor the space for you.

Dr. Juliana, LLC courses are for everyone. If you actively participate, give your all, come with an open mind and heart, and join the live video chat sessions / weekly lessons and feel as if you haven’t learned anything about yourself or you find it to be an unsafe space for you, we will refund your full investment.

We will be in touch with an exit interview that must be completed before the refund to make sure we better our program for future participants.